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Men who adhere a sense of justice, the children who’ve had their loved ones taken away from them, and those who fought to protect someone. Why should they have to lay down their lives? I’ll change it, I’m going to change this wrong world of ours!

I feel the same. I love fireworks.

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Haru: It’s probably your fault, then.
Rin: Huh? It’s your fault!
Haru: It’s your fault.
Rin: Your fault!
Haru: Your fault!
Rin: Your fault!!

Sensei missing his kids so they decided to call him telling him to come home soon since they’re all waiting.


Do not, I mean it, Do not imagine your OTP in the kitchen cooking breakfast together, one standing at the stove as the other is hugging them from behind, resting their heads on the back of their neck and stealing sleepy kisses. I promise this will cause fluffy-cuteness overload and it’s not good for your health.


*japanese lady voice* kono bangumi wa. goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu.

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